Hello and welcome to the official cyber age word wide web head quarters of the 4th20 annual Nutmeg Nor’easter :::...

This year is a hard one for more reasons than the human brain can comprehend— therefore, the way we will be conducting this event is a little different from years past.  
First and foremost we seek to avoid any sort of large group congregation in any place that might funnel folks together.  Our plan to prevent this is to have no specific event space as we have in the past; and sadly no Pizza truck from Fire in the Kitchen.  You wanna eat food, you gotta bring it and make it yourself.  You wanna drink beer—- same thing.  You wanna poop—- dig a hole in the woods and have at it, etc.  
This is a 110% self supported, unguided cyclotour of the Connecticut River Valley hill country at the bronze bookend of fall in the New England riviera.
Here is the world's simplest google RSVP link to receive the Route dropz via email.  Please try and stick to this so we know how many to expect—- makes the stress of hosting an event in these times that much less stressful for us :)
The routes will be revealed a few days before the event, you can expect two routes:
  1. An 80 miler mix of back road pavé / single track / class 4 double track / smooth dirt (grav’l) with 8000 ft of elevation gain
  2. A 45 miler of mixed terrain with 3500 ft elevation gain 
    • both routes will be navigable with a minimum of 700X33 —- although i would recommend a 650bx48.  Mountain bikes will work great.
    • Bring lots of ways to repair your stuff—- as you will be out there.
    • at the end of your ride on Sunday you can get amazing pizza at OTTO in down town Chester, and have a great beer or 5 at Little House Brewing. They all have great outdoor seating options.
Rides can be done as an overnight tour (designed as such) or in a day. Depends on what yer fancy is—- just as long as you are 111% self-supported.  We aren’t responsible for you or your food or water etc.    
Recommend you download RideWithGPS to follow the route, as it will have waypoints of food, water, and camp options.  Especially on the 80 miler, there will be ample camping and fire opportunities on state land just about anywhere you get tired at.  Stay in your groups, or meet up with others—-its freestyle.  We had a freestyle camp of 50 folks 2 years ago, and it was an amazing community expression—- hoping for the same here. Please be communicative and receptive about personal and state recommended Covid boundaries and guidelines.
There will be more details of where to find camp, water, and food pinned on the routes when released, but to get you planning the larger logistics of this "maybe we'll see you in the woods" version of the Nor'easter:
    • Park and Ride: 21 Hoopole Hill Rd, Chester, CT 06412
    • Downtown Chester: 14 Main St, Chester, CT 06412
      • Downtown Chester has a small deli called Simons where you can get sandwiches, coffee/tea, sarcastic magnets for your fridge, etc
      • there's the Small House Brewery as well, if yer into that kindda thing. also a few other cute stores and art galleries
  • If you come late, thats fine, just start on the route and i am sure you will run into folks along the way.  
  • If you want to camp out nearby on Friday night, there are several options for you in the nearby state forest. These will be pinned on the route when released.
  • You can also take the train from NYC to Old Saybrook and ride a scenic 9 miles to the start.  I will publish that route as well soon enough.
This ride is FREE.  We are only supplying the routes, so FREE away. Maybe if you are looking to give money somewhere you can donate to one of the 1000000000 of causes that need funding right now.  What a time.  
The Nor’easter has never been a traditional event—- and this edizioné will be no different.  Can’t wait to maybe share my home roads with ya’ll! 
Ronnie Ronmance III Jr.