Connecticut Maple / Titanium Pipe (for oregano)

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So artisanally composite! 

You’ve likely never had such a fancy boiy oregano ingesting experience.  Bowls are made from deadfall maple and oak from the rim of Deer lake, deep within the heart of #nutmegcountry (sorry, no tics included). Stems are hand rainbowed TITANIUM for easy cleaning and bragging.  Mouthpieces are made from red maple; deadfall from my parent’s front yard. 

Wood is preserved with 3 coats of coconut oil... Dr. Bronner’s brand.  Wood will age well over time; if it looks like it’s getting dry, just oil ittttup n’ smoookitup! All pieces are air tight, but easy enough to disassemble for cleaning.  Normal size bic lighter for scale. 

All whittled in Clinton by Ronaldo Romance esq III jr. 

Happy poofin!