Fabio's WAXED Chest: Burgundy

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“Theeee original and still the best” :::.. now made in the great state of Connecticut from entirely east coast materials.  Well, the canvas is from Missouri.  We will let that pass since Mark Twain was born there—- although he died in Connecticut.  Not sure if thats a selling point or not...

Well we are inordinately excited about our new bag/chest/things.  After being out of stock for most of the year, we’ve landed on our feet here in our home state— a sentiment we hope to pass on to YOU, oh valued customer, with a propensity for meandering rides + all the things that you bring along to make those rides comfortable.  Comfort strava.  Comfort QOM KOM etc. 

Enough small talk, lets slice into this potato:::...

This Monday we will have a limited supply of smalls in navy waxed canvas (waxed chests) with tan trim and our new quaint quilt label design.  Like any fashion house —- look for the label to ensure you are getting “theee original and still the best” “the chest is the best” etc.

-works great for front and rear use, just be sure to use a dowel or a found stick with the voile nano 6” straps when attaching in the rear to your brooks saddle loops (see photos).
-roll top design for expandable load capacity.
-works rackless if you’ve got a big enough head tube, or with the simple, inexpensive pec dec we sell to “pump up yer chest”.  
-minimum drop handlebar width is 48mm c-c for the small, 66mm for the large
-20-34 litters for the small and 30-46 for the large depending on how you expand the roll top, long flap, and yer mind okaY. 
- weight is 37 oz small and 40 oz large 

A few notable new design features

- new mounting system that will work on more handlebars with more mounting options.  -The side pockets are shorter than our old small in order to give riders with narrower drop bars more room between the bag/chest/thing and their hands on the hoods. Larges have the same huge pockets as before.
- quick magnetic bag closure for use in basket mode (roll top folded down inside bag) so that you can now open and close bag with one hand while riding. 
- same split back adjustable connecticut made nylon buckle closure for when you need to expand the bag for touring and large grocery loads. 
- loops for attaching shoulder strap when using off the bike.

-larges have a fun webbing handle in the middle for off the bike use
- bright orange drop liner with organizer pocket for better weather protection and so you can better see your chocolate bars inside. 
- waxed canvas!  The best looking and nicest in hand bag making material of all time.  It’s time tested for water resistance, repairable, and will age as gracefully as i have —-with a little bit of Botox and maybe a lift here and there. 
- weight comes in the same as our previous cordura iterations. 

Sorry, we are not pre ordering anything, but velvet rope subscribers get first notification. 

We are currently testing the x-pac versions —- x-pac is made in Connecticut; a product of our 400 year old sailing industry (how cool!).  We will hopefully have some x-pac versions by Decembertime. 

With gentle, tater tidings from Hadlyme Connecticut,

Ronnie and NAM