Ultrablinker Blink-ē light

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These things are way cool and mount just about anywhere to give your that bespoke dynamo tail light look without actually having to have that bespoke dynamo trouble. 
A pretty neat-o lights that will keep the bike cops away when yer riding in the city at the very least—- at the very most it can light yer way on the trail if yer eyes are young and you eat a lot of carrots.  Unbranded for Blue Lug—-imported by Roooonie Romanceur III jr. 

Light color:White (front) | Red (rear)
Work time : about 8 hours to about 20 hours
Power : about 20 lumen
Light modes : steady, flash
USB chargeable (about 2 hours)
Outer diameter:about 3cm
Come with M5, M6 bolts

 2 hrs to fully charge. USB chargeable.

Way simple, and looks great!  YOU look great, BTW.