Fabio's TECH Chest: Black Lava Doom X42

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Black Lava x42 with blackout doom trim and webbing and monochrome patch.    

You wanted deep dark doom, and maybe you just didn’t know it yet.  Well here it is in special edition fab’s form.  Inspired by the opening riff at 2:44 of An Offering of Grief by Pallbearer.  Or whatever your interpretation of ultimate antimatter blackout may be.  Coffee with no cream perhaps? 

I’ve designed a special monochrome patch for these too.  So bleak.  

So compared to our X50 fab’s, this X42 is a bit lighter and not assssszzz bombproof…. but still plenty bombproof.  Most makers use x21, but x42 is a little more abrasion resistant.  As opposed to the x50, you can actually see the X’s through the nylon face, so it issss a little more tech looking.    

All of our fabrics are waterproof, but water can creep in through the seams… we have 2 layers of protection with our cordura drop liner, so you’d have to be riding in driving rain all day to get totally dank though.  And who wants to ride a bike in the rain?  Pull under an underpass and watch Netflix until the storm is over IMO.  That being said, this is a hydrophobic material, so it won’t retain any moisture.  Its made in Connecticut sailcloth after all.  

-C6 DWR 420D Nylon face

-Black Polyester X-PLY at 22 degrees

-0.25 mil PET film

-50D Poly Taffeta backing for abrasion resistance