Pec Deck Chest Support

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At 160 grams uncut, this is among the lightest “rack” every devised.  I hesitate to call this a rack, cuz its just a bag of parts.  We are selling you a bag of parts that you could pick up at a hardware store and a Nitto supplier; albeit at a similar price and a lot more time and head scratching.  

I also hesitate to call this a rack for insurance purposes.  If used correctly, it’s MORE solid than any rack I’ve ever used.  But if used improperly; who knows.  Don’t find out.  And if you do, i just sold you a bag of hardware.  Deal?

Please refer to the my YouTube channel for mounting instructions.   If you have any questions about mounting, send me an email and I'll work ya though it.  It’s a very simple design that works like magic; especially if your fork or seat stays have mid mount braze ons.  Most Crust, Rivendell, and other smartly designed bikes have these.  

How it works is the magic of triangulation.  Just trust me is all.  It works really well.