Uncle Ron's Weeird Wallet

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The latest space aged design from instagram’s foremost outdoor fashion designer, la Ron of the fashion house @ronsbikes: . 

Comprised entirely of titanium and Dyneema, this performance weerd wallet is so light that anything it holds subsequently becomes anti-matter.  Now think about that for a moment if you will... “Mr officer, I’m just a white male toking on some ANTIMATTER, what are YOUUU doing???”.  

Pre grind and fill salad stasher with antimatter. Dip “ti cob” as needed.  Fits in a shirt pocket. 

As with all of la Ron’s designs, this product is DESIGNER.  
Made by Hawbuck in Chicago for la Ron for Dangle Supply FOR YOU.

Includes Ti Cobb pipe, mini lighter, and dyneema pouch.

EL AYE RON “Back country design, LA look” 🌹