April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
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Rivs and Crusts for new bikes— we can find you used vintage stuff too.  A few notes are no outboard bearing BB’s.  No 31.8 bars.  No disc brakes.  And no Sram.  There are new parts out there that are still good, but perhaps you’ll let me use my discretion? 

Email cool ultra romance at gmail.com if you are interested.  @coolultraromance 


a coupla Riv Atlantis’s i recently completed for a nice couple in Florida.  Upright tosco bar, and drop bar 61.5 towel rack builds with velocity cliffhanger 650b wrapped in ultra dynamico rosé JFF x 48.  

Wide range doubles are a LaRon specialty Wide range doubles are a specialty.  I do not care for large “pie plate” rear cassettes.  They require VERY ugly derailleurs to shift such a wide rear range.  I can usually get 11-40 out of a long cage XTR 8-9 speed era with a hanger extender if you are totally not into the nuances of the front derailleur though... I find front derailleur nuances to be “cute” at this point.  

Joys of an open air workspace 

That rack is kinda funky on such a long rear end, but we got em for a deal, and they are Nitto, so they are jewelry... but one should note the length of a riv rear when considering rear racks.  Our Pec Dec chest support would be a good option here for dropping a few lbs

That burgundy fabs is as pretty as colors come in the winter months.  The cloth tape and bag will wear together and end up a perfect match when the time is right

I made this for Pinterest 

Rivendell Tosco bars.  I think they are pretty ideal for a bike like this.  

Finuto on those.  Fun builds.  I have a Sam Hillborne and Platypus up next in the queue.  Gonna be fun!  Wait time is about a month if your frame of choice is in stock.  

You wish 

Rivendell Sam Hillborne 650b MARS ULTRADYNAMICO

You wish 

Madrean country fixed gear ULTRADYNAMICO

Bridgestone mb2 1988