nov 24th : goldilocks fab's purse, black x50 chests, and Connecticut tool wallets!
nov 24th : goldilocks fab's purse, black x50 chests, and Connecticut tool wallets!
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Arya Namdol (she/her) is the director of operations at Nutmeg Needleworks in Waterbury, CT. 
Living as a nomadic bike traveler for 4 years from 2016-2020, she found community and confidence as 1 of the 6 founding members of Radical Adventure Riders. She was a climate justice advocate for many years before she discovered the love of bike travel for mental health. She'd like to thank her beloved Ronnie for being a patient and nurturing teacher of the art of bicycle traveling.
Arya is grateful for the bicycle for helping her heal from dispossession of her Himalayan roots and hopes to do bike tours in her homeland of Tibet someday. Although she has biked thee gnarliest long-distance mountain/gravel races, she now enjoys riding for the pleasure of feeling the wind on her face and the ancestors in her lungs.

Ronnie is also LaRon.  All designs are LaRon brain waves.  Ronnie is typing this, so "i" will switch to first person.  Hi.  Now that Arya is busy with the business that makes our bags and other things for other customers, I am all things Rons Bikes Dot Com with the exception of half the shipping. 

I also co own a tire company, ULTRADYNAMICO, and am an amateur semi pro photographer for hire.  I design a few handlebars and frames for crust bikes that are generally sold through crust.

I eat mostly beans, olive oil, granola, and dark chocolate.  I enjoy foraging for my vegetables.  I like riding single track more than most things in life, and it's been like that since i was 13.  I play drums sometimes, and my favorite bands are Agalloch and early Opeth.  I grew up in Clinton CT in the 90s CT X HC scene and went to college to be a gym teacher and race mountain bikes in Durango CO.  I never got to live my dream as a gym scholar racer, but my current reality was undreamable when being guided by my high school guidance counselor in 1998, so.... sometimes dreams end up better than dreams!   

Arya and i have been happily married but not married for nearly 10 years now, and we live with their family in a 220 year old house in the countryside of the lower Connecticut river valley.  We hope to travel as much as you remember us traveling some day again, but for now we need to save up for our 2nd retirement! 

◦✿  bikes r nice + so r u  ✿◦