9/15 Nutmeg Nor'Easter reg is OPEN at the bottom of the page for Oct 20-22
9/15 Nutmeg Nor'Easter reg is OPEN at the bottom of the page for Oct 20-22
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Fab's Fabrics

we have romantic emotions to high end textiles.  colorful waxed cotton and cordura canvas to Connecticut made sailcloths --- they all have their specific beauty and function in your next bike fashion show.  

Waxed Canvas Classic 10.10oz Duck : if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck --- then it's probably not "duck" fabric.  Duck in this instance comes from the Dutch word doek, referring to the heavy linen canvas pants and underwear that sailors used to find fashionable.  ouch.  add some wax and it becomes a tough and water resistant fabric with a timeless look and feel.  the 10.10 weight is nice in that the weave is fine and luxxx, and the weight is nominal --- not xpac light, but pretty light.  likely you are getting this material because you like the beautiful colors it comes in.  this is not our most durable fabric, so if you are going to send it into a sword factory, try one of our other fabrics.  milled in Missouri 

Waxed Canvas Classic 14 oz Duck : we've started to use this on most of the newer classic waxed bags that we've been doing.  a lot more fun colors like the barbie pink and sea foam are only made in this weight ... while it is a bit more durable than the 10.10oz, it is inherently heavier.  if you are looking for all the function, but featherweight, then I would go with one of the Xpac materials -- but of course, nothing looks better than this IMO.

Waxed Cordura 12oz Duck : again, not a duck.  dumb joke, i will stop now.  this stuff is claimed to be rot, mold, and mildew proof -- and i have found it to be true here in the oldmold northeast.    its 15% nylon cordura, and 85% cotton.  the weave is a bit courser that the 10.10 waxed canvas, and it is a tad heavier --- but its STRONG.  a draw back is that it does not come in fun colors -- just drab.  milled in Missouri 

X50 X-pac : made here in Connecticut by Dimension Polyant in Putnam.  this stuff is the highest end x-pac they make (very nerd, truly nerd) -- an abrasion resistant 500D cordura face with armid Xply and a waterproof laminate.  bags made from this material are lighter than the waxed options, enough to tell when you compare side by side in hand.  this fabric is every bit as tough as the waxed cordura -- thats the tech for you --- although the techness is not entirely obvious until you take the monocle out --- then you'll really wow your friends and family with this tech folks. 

VX21 X-pac : also CT made -- it's what most brands use when they say X-pac.  there is good reason for that --- it's great fabric, and very light.  it is thinner than other fabrics we use --- and certainly not as durable --- but did i mention it's light weight? it's an Xply laminate, great for our smaller bags that don't need as much structure.  its made from post consumer recycled materials and all that jazz. 

X11 cotton faced X-pac : CT made -- all of the advantages of trad x-pac, but with a natural cotton face and feel.  this is a very fun fabric, and I hope they offer more colors in the future.  this fabric remains light despite it's "heavy look".  recycled poly Xply with X3 laminate backing that is just perceivable enough to let folks know you are tech under the hood in the woods