April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
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Nutmeg Country Spring Break 2021

Sword factory

If you are viewing this page you have been invited or know someone who has been invited to our spring fling 2021 FEST.  It’s by no means a fest, because that would be stupid right now, but i would love it if 10-20 of us could get together for 100% outdoor fun.  

This Saturday: 45 mile mixed terrain ride to the very remote Haddam Neck that juts into the CT river.  It’s one of my favorite rides in the area, a very special place. I will post the final route here before friday.  Ride departs at 11 from our house  Here is the route  :: its got some elevation... you can always bail do the lower part of their 8.  

Saturday night: Post ride bon fire in the field bellow the bike barn.  Cook wiener of your choice (BYOW) on said fire and enjoy some local beers.  I think if we all bring some it will be fun to showcase stuff we all like.  So BYOB too.  Folks are encouraged to camp on our lower property as far down as the very freezing cold but swimmable brook.  If you have 4WD you can come and car camp in the field too.  

Sunday ride at 10:30 is a 23 mile mountain bike loop leaving from our place.  80% single track and rideable on just about any practical bike.  links 5 preserves together along the 8 mile river water shed.  It’s an incredible day on some classic but rideable New England terrain.  Here is the route 

if you’d like to attend any of this please email me at coolultraromance@gmail.com by friday morning.  

Hope to see you this weekend!


Ronnie and Arya 

115 Clark Hill Road :: East Haddam CT