Buckskin Gloves

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These mitts will never smell like the typical pickled foot odor commonly associated with cycling gloves... the magical natural anti stink properties of buck hide are just one many strengths as a shoulder/winter season riding/camping glove.  

You will be amazed how warm this thin layer of leather will keep your hands — much warmer than overly bulky winter gloves that constrict blood flow and get all clammy. They keep you warm in the rain, and don't really get that wet unless it's a downpour. Even then they don't dry stiff. You can even treat them with a beeswax based water proofer for boots.  
They breathe great, are easy to take on and off while riding, and feel luxuriously soft to the hands. Built tough with an amazingly thin insulator, they solved my cold hand problem for good last wintär. They're popular with my riding group here, so figured it would be fun to get these from MidWest glove and brand them myself.
We branded these ourselves with a branding iron over the stove, so expect some minor cute imperfections.  
Ronnie wears these gloves from 51 degrees down to 30. When the temp goes below 30, I size up and wear a merino liner like the defeet wool duraglove underneath.  Temp drops below 20, I will stay inside listening to holiday music and bake cookies. Arya used these for her first Tour Divide attempt and it kept her perpetually cold hands warm-even in wet snow and downpours. These are great oven mitts too.  
Made in USA, sizes S, M, L, and XL. Ronnie is an XL ; Arya is a S. Size chart in the photos.