nov 24th : goldilocks fab's purse, black x50 chests, and Connecticut tool wallets!
nov 24th : goldilocks fab's purse, black x50 chests, and Connecticut tool wallets!
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Mutual Aid for Tony on Tour: RAFFLE

Here's another chance to win a LIMITED EDITION SQUIRREL FRIENDS Fabio's Fanny and help supply security and protection for  our friends in the form Capitalism knows best- cold hard cash.

We support our community while they're living their best life. We magnify bicycle joy and bicycle medicine at a time when the world needs it by bucket fulls.

Let's support Tony on his venture. Here's what he has to say:

Antonio Miranda.

Born in California, I moved to Virginia later on where my passion for cycling and adventure grew stronger. I moved to Puerto Rico as a result of my heritage that tided me to the island as well as my sense of adventure.

My initial relationship with my bike was just a means to take me from place A to place B later it became more than that. I longed for a sense of freedom true freedom something that is spread very thin for a black man. Ever since I submerged myself into adventure cycling culture I have been looking for faces like my own that show the struggle to be a part of a community that mostly goes hand in hand with privilege.

I want to change the faces in Bikepacking since they are predominately white and encourage more POC people to join the outdoor adventure community and embrace those spaces and learn more about the land that surrounds them.

In this journey, I have found my beaten path and want others to join me in it and to let them realize they can do this as well without the fear of physical harm or death that shadows our community. My first century was 2020 now after my sixth century, I find myself looking for more opportunities to keep building myself up to accomplish my dream of touring in adventure cycling-type ventures."


Venmo: @boofpac972 (Antonio Miranda) caption "Bike Tour Love" with whatever you can spare for a chance to win.

Winner will be hand selected by Tony June 11th.

Follow his bike journey on Instagram: @cbdtrails

:::UPDATE june 2::: The Winner will receive the Red Squirrel Friends Fanny- (my bad, we are totally out of the Black one, sorry folks. I'll include a forgiveness bribe gift in the box. -arya ;)

The Fabios Fanny is a Fanny Pack and Handlebar Bag for all your delicate possessions.


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  • Leslie Bornhorst on

    Hello my name is Leslie and I would love to sport that squirrel bag always I hope that I win that.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  • Laurent Geyer on

    Would love to support, but venmo is not an option unfortunately.

    Possible to use you as proxy perhaps, I can send paypal.



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