April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
April 19th (bicycle day) : Stomp Lox LaRon SPD shoes and rod steward pec decs in stock!
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15 min stretch (x2)
Full Body Yoga + 30 min Core workout
Full WOLF Moon Century
"The wolf is often seen as a symbol of loyalty and protection in many cultures. The Wolf Moon is the perfect time for you to reach out to loved ones and reaffirm your connections, in preparation for deepening your bonds and taking on new challenges together over the upcoming year."-here
1 hr Restorative Yoga + Core
Group ride with the Nutmeg Country Wheelers
Group ride with the Nutmeg Country Wheelers
10k Trail run
40 mile ride
Things I have on every single ride here in the regularly 30 degree F days:
  • merino wool buff- ESSENTIAL for my cold nose, mouth, and jaw 
  • cap with ear flaps
  • thermos of turmeric tea with a splash of full fat oat milk
  • jelly beans
  • four twenty stuff 
  • buckskin gloves
I'm not an athlete and did not grow up within an "active lifestyle" family. A lot of this training currently has been lessons on keeping motivated to move so my depression has less sedentary moments to grab my thoughts. Cataloging my thoughts and asking my body to do things they've never done before is the meditation right now.
A TED talker told youtube that in order to change behaviors you need:
1. Social Incentive (that'd be what I'm doing here on this blog)
2. Immediate Rewards (did you see the jelly beans that I bring on each ride? on larger rides, I bring burritos to have at certain mile markers)
3. Progress Monitoring (the Mitchell Hill intervals that happen every other week).
With all these, I hope to get holistic healing and strength my body has yet to know.
Thanks for coming along for the journey- your attention plays a key role in changing my behaviors from NOOB athlete to a disciplined and definitely-no-imposter-syndrome-here-thank-you endurance cyclist. 
15 min Stretch- x2: AM & PM
- more like whenever my body was asking for it- I'd say I stuck to at least once daily
WED  1/20. Lhakar* did you google this? because I forgot the link
Full Body Yoga + 30 min Core workout
- struggling with the core workouts, as in, this didn't happen for 30 mins
THURS 1/21
60 mile ride
- did 63 ;)
FRI 1/22
Fast-as-you-can 25 mile ride (my goal is a 12mph avg)
- switched out with the Tuesday 10k run to get some variety
SAT 1/23
60+ mile ride with the Nutmeg Wheelers
- about 33 miles of mixed terrain
SUN 1/24
60+ mile ride with the Nutmeg Wheelers
- decided I needed to just rest, started reading It Didn't Start With You; How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn instead
MON 1/25
Full Body Yoga + 30 min Core workout
- since I did a rest day on Sunday, doing a 50 mile ride today
TUE 1/26
10k run

- switched out with the 25 mile spirited ride from Friday


The Goal of all this physical madness is two fold: 

1) Finish the entirety of the Tour Divide race in one complete Moon cycle. (28 days = meeting in the middle of the 27 days it takes for full planetary orbit and 29 days of the Observation from Earth)


2) Become the first person of Tibetan heritage to finish the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race- to highlight Tibetan/Himalayan excellence in the Outdoors and invite more of Us to ride.  

An integral part of my journey in both training and racing the DT is to deepen the understanding of human connection to land. For me, that means re-connecting with Tibetan/Himalayan expertise and relational cosmology of the Great Outdoors. What that will actually look like in daily practice? We’ll figure that out together. 

General Notes from Coach Ron:

  • Get protein rich, nutrient-dense foods within the first hour post workout, such as beans and bananas (ron LOVES beans right now *lol)
  • Focus on QUALITY HOURS not just miles on the bike
  • Strengthen the core! 
  • Pre hydrate with 2-3 glasses of water before any activity

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  • Irwin Robles on

    I, too am an athlete of similar backround. Filipino and basically no pedigree of an active family background, but a gratitude for those that inspire. I wish you well in your training! I’ll be riding the Full Moon 100 in full support of your journey!

  • Farmer ted on

    Thank you so so much for sharing this perspective. Thank you for sharing the transparency of being human and the fluidity of everyday life.
    Being a young lady who rides bicycles, it’s so refreshing and encouraging seeing this progress and the truth of it.
    Thank you so much Namz for sharing, from young women Who ride bikes, we love you!

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