We are beginning this journey on an auspicious day- one that is significant to Tibetans and marks a change of Power I've been hoping for the last 4 years. Let new beginnings of a better, Climate Change combative world flourish.

An integral part of my journey in both training and racing the DT is to deepen the understanding of human connection to land. For me, that means re-connecting with Tibetan/Himalayan expertise and relational cosmology of the Great Outdoors. What that will actually look like in daily practice? We’ll figure that out together. 


The Goal of all this physical madness is two fold: 

1) Finish the entirety of the Tour Divide race in one complete Moon cycle. (28 days = meeting in the middle of the 27 days it takes for full planetary orbit and 29 days of the Observation from Earth)


2) Become the first person of Tibetan heritage to finish the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race- to highlight Tibetan/Himalayan excellence in the Outdoors and invite more of Us to ride.  

15 min Stretch- x2: AM & PM
WED  1/20. Lhakar*
Full Body Yoga + 30 min Core workout
THURS 1/21
60 mile ride
FRI 1/22
Fast-as-you-can 25 mile ride (my goal is a 12mph avg)
SAT 1/23
60+ mile ride with the Nutmeg Wheelers
SUN 1/24
60+ mile ride with the Nutmeg Wheelers
MON 1/25
Full Body Yoga + 30 min Core workout
TUE 1/26
10k run

General Notes from Coach Ron:

  • Get protein rich, nutrient-dense foods within the first hour post workout, such as beans and bananas (ron LOVES beans right now *lol)
  • Focus on QUALITY HOURS not just miles on the bike
  • Strengthen the core! 
  • Pre hydrate with 2-3 glasses of water before any activity

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  • Susan Margot Ecker alias SüSi on

    🍃🌲💚!Nam¡ You are such an inspiration, you might even get my winter lazy pj’d ass off the couch! Will be sharing the biggest smile when you reach your goal! OxOxO💚🌲🍃

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